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SIRIUS at LABOUR INT 2 Project Conference

SIRIUS at LABOUR-INT 2 Project Conference

Professor Simone Baglioni, Coordinator of SIRIUS will present at the LABOUR-INT 2 project conference next week.

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SIRIUS Festival (off) work

Nobody gives us a manual for the labour market

If you think about something that most of the adult population worldwide has in common, one of the first things that would come to your mind might be work.

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Africa and Mediterraneo Journal’s latest dossier

Africa and Mediterraneo is a biannual journal addressing issues relating to the culture and society of African countries and the internat

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Research Report

Three New Reports about Integration of Migrants in the Labour Market

In October 2018, three new reports/articles have been published focusing upon the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers into labour markets.

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Lift The Ban, Refugee Action

Refugee Action's current campaign "Lift the Ban" is about changing asylum applicants right to work during their asylum process in the UK.

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