Voluntas Special Issue on the Labour Market Integration of Migrants

Migrants' Labour Integration and Civil Society

Prof Simone Baglioni, Dr Francesca Calò and Prof Dino Numerato announce the realization of the VOLUNTAS Special Issues on "The role of Civil Society in the Labour Market Integration of Migrants in Europe" (Vol. 33 N. 5). 

This encompasses contributions from diverse authors that examine the role of civil society organizations in supporting the migrants' process of integration into the various economic sectors of European countries. 

As the editors of the special issue state in the introduction: "In Europe, over recent decades, civil society’s efforts to save migrants’ lives at sea or to help them escape war and violence has become a news headline as well as a polarising political issue. However, less media attention is given to the vibrant civil society and its action that extends beyond the provision of shelter, food or clothes, or health care.

The issue explores the socioeconomic conditions and political contexts of six counties: the Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK. The comparison allows for enlightening the similarities and differences of these national systems in front of the challenges of integrating the migrant labour force. The role of policy frameworks is crucial, as well as, the economic structures. 

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