Political Lessons Learnt Through the SIRIUS Project

Sirius Political Lessons

In the last chapter of the Sirius Open Access book, "The policy dimension: lessons learnt and ways forward" the main points regarding the current political scenario in Europe are examined and summed up. 

About the author: 

Maria Mexi is Senior Fellow at Geneva Graduate Institute, Switzerland. Maria’s publications and research interests focus on employment and social policy, digital work and the platform economy.


"This chapter presents and discusses recommendations for an optimal policy mix to inform the design of policies and programmes that will provide post-2014 migrants, including refugees and asylum seekers, with greater protection through decent work in the years to come. The chapter will revisit the book’s underpinning theoretical framework (presented in the introductory chapter) to explain the role of concrete measures to make efficient use of the skills of migrants, the channels through which these affect the labour market integration of (resettled) refugees and asylum seekers, as well as the combination and sequence of measures leading to the best outcome for a given group of beneficiaries (considering skill levels, gender, marital status and age), taking into consideration issues of institutional specificity and transferability to diverse country and institutional contexts. Lastly, the chapter will present recommendations for bilateral or multi-country cooperation programmes among countries of origin, transit and destination, focusing on the labour market integration of post-2014 migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and addressing the needs of both beneficiaries and host communities." 

You can find this chapter and the rest of the Open Access Sirius book at this link: https://bristoluniversitypressdigital.com/display/book/9781447364535/ch…