Migrants and Refugees in Europe Work Integration in Comparative Perspective

labour integration

The latest publication from the SIRIUS project is "Migrants and Refugees in Europe. Work Integration in Comparative Perspective". This Open Access book presents the main results from the consortium's collective work and integrates a discussion of findings at the macro, meso, and micro levels. 

Migrants' and refugees' work integration is the result of the intertwining of policy frameworks, actions and initiatives by market players and civil society's activism, and the migrants' and refugees' specific capacities. 

The editors Prof Simone Baglioni and Dr Francesca Calò open the book by presenting the aims of this collective work, the main findings, and key results from the analysis of this multilevel examination: 

"The introductory chapter discusses key theoretical concepts upon which the book develops, such as the meaning of integration and inclusion, broadly understood but also with reference to the labour market and to the wider social context. Hence it reflects on how different labour outcomes affect empowerment and participation as key aspects of newcomers’ integration. It also introduces the reader to the multilevel (local–national–European) and multidimensional (micro–meso–macro) framework of the study underpinning the book, as well as to its large quantitative and qualitative empirical basis. The introduction also discusses ethical aspects which pertain to research with vulnerable individuals. Finally, the layout of the book is presented and explained." 

You can find this chapter and the rest of the book at this link: