Nobody gives us a manual for the labour market

SIRIUS Festival (off) work

If you think about something that most of the adult population worldwide has in common, one of the first things that would come to your mind might be work. During the weekend of 11th and 12th May, this topic was the subject of the SIRIUS festival of(f) work in Prague. The visitors had the opportunity to take part in practical workshops as well as a rich cultural program that was designed to unite two groups that meet in the Czech context only rarely: foreigners and Czech citizens.

SIRIUS Festival of(f) work

Saturday program offered a workshop devoted to labour market orientation. The instructors helped attendees to understand what information should be written in the CVs, how to write successful cover letter and how to prepare for an interview. After the workshop, some of the participants used the opportunity to get individual career counselling and CV photo on the spot. In the meantime, a workshop on relaxation was taking place, teaching people several relaxation methods they can practice by themselves if they need to take a break from the stressful work life. In the evening, two Ukrainian movies (“Almost Together” and “2020 #desertedcountry”) were screened, focusing on the topical issue of labour migration from Ukraine. After the screenings, a lively discussion with the directors, who came for the SIRIUS festival from Ukraine, took place.

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On Sunday, people had a chance to attend a workshop focused on the labour-law in the Czech Republic, specifically focusing on everyday situations people might encounter at their workplace and might not know how to deal with. Another workshop was devoted to the method of nonviolent communication which can be helpful both in work-related communication and personal life. Sunday also offered a rich cultural program. During the Batala drumming workshop, people had a chance to learn some of the basic rhythms of this international band. Improv comedy show engaged the audience into the comedy and left the audience laughing. Finally, the concert of the Allstar Refjúdží Band offered an ultimate mixture of musical genres, responding with their lyrics to some of the often-experienced barriers that foreigners face in the country.

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Despite the unfavourable weather, SIRIUS festival of(f) work provided a rich programme that enabled people to enjoy what would have been otherwise a ‘gloomy’ weekend. Moreover, many participants left with something that will remain with them even after the festival – new skills and in some cases also new acquaintances.

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