IOM Responce to War Crisis in Sudan

Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan

In response to the dramatic events in Sudan in the last weeks, the International Organization for Migration has launched an emergency fund and plan to support the population with first aid and humanitarian assistance. 

Since the beginning of the civil war, the shortage of essential goods and fuel has become critical all over the country. 

According to the first assessments, an approximation of over 843,000 displacements, over the first month of the conflict, happened internally in the country. 

Furthermore, this dramatic situation has also impacted the neighbour counties, which are grappling with their own protracted crises. 

The plan to raise USD 209 million is to cover the expenditure for humanitarian assistance in Sudan and in neighbour countries. 

IOM Director General António Vitorino has commented on the situation: 

“Millions are in pressing need of basic assistance such as water, food and shelter. If we do not act NOW, the people of Sudan will face an inevitable humanitarian catastrophe. We appeal to the international community to urgently support relief efforts and mobilize financial resources to meet the mounting needs." 

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