Bridging Divides - Investigate Migrations in the Era of New Technologies

Migrations and New Technologies

The Toronto Metropolitan University announces the begining of a new research project, "Bridging Divides" that will involve, TMU, Concordia University, the University of Alberta and The University of British Columbia. Furthermore, this project will include 25 research leaders and more than 100 scholars, and it will offer 1,500 training opportunities and involve more than 200 organizations.

The principal aim of this project is to reduce barriers to economic and social inclusion for migrants, taking a novel, technology-informed approach. Bridging Divides will examine how the complex processes of settlement and integration intersect with a broad range of areas, such as health, civic participation and urban infrastructure.

As Vice-President, Research and Innovation Steven N. Liss. indicates “Bridging Divides will address the global challenges of immigration and migration, offering critical insights during this time of rapid social, economic and digital transformation by leveraging the breadth and depth of our research expertise in areas including immigration, technology adoption and community health to remove barriers, together, we can build inclusive, prosperous societies.”

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