EU Home Affairs Relaunch SIRIUS App

We are glad to inform you that the EU Home Affairs has recently relaunched on its website and social media the SIRIUS app. 

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Migrants' Integration Labour Market

SIRIUS Project Launches its Latest Open Access Book

Immigrant and Asylum Seekers Labour Market Integration upon Arrival: NowHereLand. A Biographical Perspective. 

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“New to the EU? SIRIUS wants to make sure you get the job you deserve”a Cordis’ article

We are happy to publish a Cordis article (which is available in 6 languages on the Eu research results website, of which you can find the link at the end of the page) on Skills an

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SIRIUS Festival Of(f) Work - Next Weekend

In May, the SIRIUS festival will take place during the weekend of 11th and 12th in Prague (Campus Hybernská) and will be hosted by

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Comparative Approaches to Migration Law, Event with RESPOND

The RESPOND project is organising their 3rd events win the seminar series "Comparative Approaches to Migration Law" at the University of Florence on the 28th of November, 14:00 to 16:00. The SIRIUS

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