SIRIUS Conference


The SIRIUS project is pleased to announce its first International Conference entitled "Integrating migrants, refugees and asylum seekers into European labour markets: enablers and barriers". The conference will take place on 29-30 August, at Glasgow Caledonian University, in Scotland, (UK). The conference aims to offer scholars from across disciplines and countries opportunities to exchange on issues related to the integration of migrants and refugees in different labour markets and communities. While the conference invites scholars with different levels of experience and seniority, a pre-conference workshop reserved to PhD students and early career researchers will be organised on 28 August with a focus on Research Methods and Ethics in Migration and Refugee Studies.

To encourage academic discussion across fields and disciplines, the conference will be structured along six main thematic lines, keynote speakers (Dr. Ima Jackson, Glasgow Caledonian University, Prof. Cristina Boswell, University of Edinburgh, Dr. Amparo Gonzalez-Ferrer, Spanish National Research Council, Prof. Barbara Oomen, University of Utrecht), and two plenary debates.

The six thematic lines are.

Session 1: Labour Economics and Migration: Challenges in Global Markets

Session 2: Legal barriers and enablers: critical perspectives on legal framework’s challenges and opportunities for migrants, refugees and asylum applicants’ integration in European labour markets and societies.

Session 3: Labour market integration policies for migrants

Session 4: The role of the third sector in promoting the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in European societies and labour markets. 

Session 5: Companies, trade unions and social partners: what roles do they play in enhancing the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum applicants into European labour markets?

Session 6: Biographies of labour-market Integration

A workshop for early career and PhD: Research Methods and Ethics in Migration and Refugee Studies.

The programme is now available and can be downloaded below. We have also opened up the conference for everyone. If you want to book a seat at the conference, please use our Eventbrite

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at For more information about the conference please the programme below.