Vienna Migration Conference

VMC 2022

On 11-12 October 2022 in Vienna, the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) held the 7th edition of its annual conference on migration topics. 

These will cover diverse areas and themes related to international migrations and their consequences. The event is an opportunity to create an environment for discussion and sharing among experts from different fields, such as academia, practitioners' world and decision-makers. 

Among the various topics listed: 

  • Climate change and migration: Do we find ourselves at a crossroads?
  • Managing migration in turbulent times: Key perspectives from Europe
  • Migration and displacement dynamics: What is driving change in Africa?
  • Same but different: Global perspectives on migration challenges
  • Migration as a geopolitical weapon? How powerful a force in international relations?
  • Ukraine, south-eastern Europe and the future of European integration
  • Regional perspectives and priorities: Finding the right political and policy formula for successful partnerships
  • European migration and asylum policy reform: Are we breaking gridlocks?

You can find the full program online and register for the event here…