SIRIUS at "Co-Designing an Inclusive Europe"

Co-Design an Inclusive Europe

Last Tuesday, March 1st 2022, at the Norwegian House in Brussels, SIRIUS members Prof. Simone Baglioni (University of Parma) and Dr Maria Mexi (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneve) attended the policy roundtable "Co-Designing an Inclusive Europe". 

During this occasion, SIRIUS experts had the possibility to present and discuss our findings and main considerations with policy-makers at the European level. The initiative was an innovative format to gather together resources from various Horizon 2020 projects, creating a multi-dimensional picture of the migration phenomenon in Europe.

Along with SIRIUS, the other Horizon 2020 projects present were CHIEF, FOCUS, MICADO, PERCEPTION, PROTECT, SO-CLOSE, MATILDE, TRACTION and WELCOMING SPACES. 

We want to thank all the organizers and participants for this incredible opportunity to discuss and examine our scientific outcomes together with European decision-makers; we strongly believe that our indications on the social inclusion of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers will help politicians to take better decisions. Hopefully, our work can make also a contribution in the new influxes of Ukrainian refugees who move from the war in their country. 

The edited recording and short videos of the presentations will be shared via #InclusiveEurope2022 on Twitter as well as on the website of the event,