The role of information campaigns in addressing irregular migration

Information Campaigns Against Irregular Migration

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We would like to share this interesting research from the Policy Brief of July 2022 from the International Centre for Migration Policy Development. 

Justyna Frelak (Senior Policy Advisor) and Caitlin Katsiaficas (Research and Policy) investigate the role of information campaigns in addressing irregular migration. Generally, these campaigns aim to influence decision-makers, generate counter information and discourage potential irregular migrations. The role of information in the migration process is crucial because it influences migrants' choices and approaches. 

In the EU political agenda, the role of information campaigns to discourage irregular migration has an important position; particularly, the role of social media is now more than ever fundamental. 

Although it might be possible to think that these campaigns can have an effect on migrants' choices, the research findings warn about the overestimation of these tools. Personal social ties remain the main factor in determining migrants' decisions about their choices. 

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