International Migration Day

18th December

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the day of December 18th as International Migrants Day. Nowadays, international estimations assess the number of migrants as around 281 million. 

This is a moment to reflect and discuss the problems and issues that still afflict millions of people around the world and that force them to migrate from their countries. Wars, insecurities and climate changes are the main reasons that cause the forced migration of refugees to other countries. 

Migrants can also move to another country to find better economic and working conditions but they might suffer from the lack of safe pathways to enter and be integrated into these new contexts. Consequently, the status of a migrant can involve conditions of fragility and socio-economic risk. 

International Migrants Day aims to remind everybody about this, as the UN points out: 

"Strengthening the contribution of migrants to sustainable development requires collective effort to improve the governance of migration and addressing the challenges migrants face. The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) offers the opportunity and guidance to actualize human mobility and seize the opportunities it presents." 


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