EGPA, 2019 Annual Conference


The European Group for Public Administration is having their annual conference between the 11 to 13 of September in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with a PhD symposium between the 9 to 10 September. The conference will be about the welfare state. The governance structures of the welfare state, as well as the procedures and practices of professionals working inside the welfare state, have been subject to far-reaching reforms. We can observe very different reform patterns. On the one hand, welfare state governance and professionalism have been put under pressure to increase the efficiency of service delivery, especially by marketizing and managerializing structures and processes. On the other hand, ideas of ideas of collaborative and inclusive network governance have been high on the agenda as well, and they have fuelled a practical emphasis on societalizing’ arrangements.

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Dates: 11-13 March, 2019 (9-10 March for PhD symposium)
Deadline for papers: March 15

See attached flyer for more information and their website on how to submitting a paper.