Documentary "Denmark - Borders Closed"

"Denmark - Borders Closed"

How does it feel to live in an area that the government has designated as a ghetto that needs to be dismantled? Is it acceptable that too many “non-western” immigrants can make an area a ghetto? The so-called ghetto-laws are a manifestation of Denmark's harsh approach to immigration.

These extraordinary measures targeting immigrants are designed to make Denmark less appealing to future immigrants. One of the most controversial measures taken by Denmark is the decision to limit the amount of “non-western” immigrants in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. It has also begun to revoke residency permits of some Syrian refugees on the grounds that it is now safe to return to Damascus. This progressive Nordic country now even plans to deport asylum seekers outside Europe while applications are being processed.

The documentary “Denmark - Borders closed” explores the reasons behind this remarkable shift in Danish immigration policy. Why has the centre-right Social Democratic government adopted policies that even the anti-immigration Danish People's Party now applauds? We visit a disadvantaged neighbourhood in Odense where a young immigrant activist campaigns against the ghetto laws which mean that hundreds of apartments in the area will be demolished. We also meet two young Syrian girls who talk about the difficulties of building a new life and integrating in a country where politicians want their numbers reduced. The programme explores this remarkable shift in Danish immigration policy from grassroots to the ministerial level.

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Scriptwriting: Minna Pye

Editing: Jouni Koponen

Filming: Ghadi Boustani

Length: app. 53