Growing Community

SIRIUS focuses on enabling and constraining factors for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The SIRIUS Community will actively work using the research it elaborated to meaningfully impact policy-making on the topic of the integration of migrants and refugees in the labour market. This evidence-based approach shall be complemented by any new publication that the members of our community highlight as relevant for us.

Join our community to stay in touch with various stakeholders and advance the objective of the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in European labour markets by submitting documentation that you believe is relevant for policy-making related to the labour market integration of migrants and refugees. Please do submit any document you find relevant, together with an abstract, and we will review it with the aim of adding it to the Knowledge Hub of our project for the purpose of aiding policy-making on the topic. If your document is accepted, you will be notified but in case your documents are not selected, due to privacy and security concerns they will not be stored by the SIRIUS project team.

Submit your contribution here.