Denmark - Repository of actors

The below list is not an exhaustive list of all actors in Denmark working for the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum applicants. However, it provides a good initial overview of a wide variety of actors, their focus and it offers the opportunity for partnership-building.

Ministry of Immigration and Integration Ministry Entry and stay in Denmark, naturalization, integration, Danish as a second language, tests for foreigners, prevention of extremism and radicalization, prevention and management of honor-related conflicts and negative social control and for integration Copenhagen
Ministry of Employment Ministry Danish labour market Copenhagen

Ministry of Transport and Housing Ministry Manages the so-called "Ghetto list" of vulnerable residential areas Copenhegen

Danish Immigration Service Agency Processing of cases of immigrants’ right to visit and stay in Denmark. Copenhagen (The official portal for foreign nationals who wish to visit, live or work in Denmark)

Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment Agency Process applications for residence permits based on employment, study, au pair and internship. Control checks to ensure compliance with immigration laws. Copenhagen

The Danish Refugee Appeals Board Quasi-judicial body / considered to be a court within the meaning of article 39 of the EU Council Directive on asylum procedures (2005/85/EC) Re-consider rejected asylum cases. Copenhagen

Immigration Appeals Board Quasi-judicial administrative body Considers appeals of decisions relating to immigration. Copenhagen
Danish National Police - National Aliens Centre Law enforcement agency Initial registration of asylum seekers, border control and deportation of rejected asylum seekers and criminal migrants. Copenhagen

Integration Councils Council Advisory bodies for the integration efforts of the municipalities. n.a.

Links to the municipal integration councils available here:…

The Council for Ethnic Minorities Council The Council advises and offers guidance to the Minister of Immigration and Integration. Copenhagen
Danish Refugee Council NGO RE migration: Re-access asylum cases found manifestly unfound by the Danish Immigration Service; Provide integration services, e.g. counselling to asylum seekers, and language education services. Copenhagen
Refugees Welcome NGO Offers free legal counselling and assistance to asylum seekers Copenhagen

Danish Red Cross NGO RE migration: Runs (some of) the accommodation centers and the health clinics for undocumented immigrants. Offers integration activities in the accommodation centers as well as all over the country. Copenhagen (headquarters)

ActionAid Denmark [Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke] NGO Human rights based development in more than 40 countries, special anti-discrimination focus in Denmark. Copenhagen

UNHCR Denmark NGO Cooperate with and advise the government and authorities dealing with refugees and asylum seekers, as well as raising awareness of the global refugee situation Copenhagen

Foreningen Nydansker (or Association of New Danes) CSO Facilitate refugees’ integration into the Danish labour market, e.g. provides courses, training and consultancy services to Danish businesses. Copenhagen

Cabi CSO Focuses on the labour market integration of vulnerable groups in general and advises/consults with managers, human resource departments and recruiters on active employment policies. Århus

LG Insights CSO Provides research, analysis and consultancy services to private companies and public sector institutions Odense

The Syrian Cultural Institute CSO Cooperates with public institutions and municipal authorities to facilitate the integration of recently arrived refugees in Denmark Copenhagen

The International Dual Career Network (IDCN) CSO Spousal network Aims to connect spouses with its corporate members through career events and a Talent Management Platform database Copenhagen

Spouse Community Aarhus CSO Spousal network Organizes social and meet-and-greet events, family events and professional networking opportunities. Århus

RAPOLITICS/RAP:I:STAN CSO Activities that challenge and expand the democratic debate through culture, art and creative expression Copenhagen

Frivilligcenter Vesterbro CSO Activities geared toward increasing the share of adults and young people with refugee backgrounds who is part of local associations Copenhagen

[Venligborerne Flygtningehjælp] Movement/concept Meetings with and activities for (newly arrived) refugees 90+ cities across Denmark

Hela Afghan Youth Association (Haya) CSO Diaspora Organization Intra-community dialogue, professional development and network-building in Denmark Officially registered in Roskildeهیله-خیریه-ټولنه-466910503799493/

Local Government Denmark [Komunernes Landsorganisation] Association/interest organisation Association and interest organisation of the 98 Danish municipalities Copenhagen

Danish Employers' Confederation [Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening] Employers' Confederation Represents private companies in manufacturing, retail, transport, services and construction Copenhagen

Danish Trade Union Confederation [Fagbevægelsesn Hovedorganisation (former LO)] Trade Union Confederation Largest national trade union centre in Denmark Copenhagen

Danish Champer of Commerce [Dansk Erhverv] Employers' Confederation Represents trade, IT, industry and service Copenhagen

Confederations of Danish Industry [Dansk Industri] Business organization and employers' organization Represents private enterprises in manufacturing and the service industry, from virtually all sub-sectors Copenhagen

Danish Construction Association [Dansk Byggeri] Employers' organisation Represents contractors and manufacturing companies Copenhagen

Danish Painters [Danske Malermestre] Employers' organisation and industry organisation Represent painters Copenhagen / Århus

Danish Electricity Association [Dansk Elforbund] Trade union Represents electricians/a wide range of workers in the electricity industries, e.g. energy, installation, communication, security, alarm and process control. Copenhagen

Tekniq Arbejdsgiverne Employers' organisation Represents mechanical and electrical contractors in the electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and metals industries Glostrup

Danish Union of Metalworkers [Dansk Metal] Trade union Represents workers in the metal industries Copenhagen

Danish Association of Professional Technicians [Teknisk Landsforbund] Trade Union Represents technicians and designers Copenhagen

FOA [Forbundet af Offentlige Ansatte] Trade union Represent public sector workers Copenhagen

3F [Fagligt, Fælles Forbund] Trade union Represents unskilled and vocationally trained workers Copenhagen

HK Denmark Trade Union Represents clerical workers, workers in retail, and in related industries, in Denmark. Copenhagen
SMV Danmark Business organization Represent small and medium-sized companies in industry, construction and service. Copenhagen

DJØF Trade union Represents members who study or work within the areas of law, economics, strategy, management, politics, administration, business, research, communication and more Copenhagen

(Younger Doctors) [Yngre Læger] Trade union Subdivision of the Danish Medical Association representing younger doctors Copenhagen

Association of Social Educators [Socialpædagogerne Landsforbund] Trade union Represents social workers and carers in Denmark Copenhagen
[Uddannelsesforbundet] Trade union Represents teachers, supervisors and consultants in education and language centers. Copenhagen

Danish Union of Teachers [Danmarks Lærerforening] Trade union Represents teachers Copenhagen

The Danish Society of Engineers [IDA] Trade union Represents ingenieurs Copenhagen

Danish Association of Masters and PhDs [Dansk magisterforening] Trade union Represents Masters and PhDs Copenhagen

Danish Social Counselor Association [Dansk Socialrådgiveforening] Trade union Represents social workers, social workers students, managers and the self-employed social workers. Copenhagen

BUPL [Børne- og Ungdomspædagogernes Landsforbund)] Trade union Represents education workers other than teachers Copenhagen
Danish Electricity Federation [Dansk el-forbund] Trade union Represents skilled electricians Copenhagen

[PROSA - forbundet af it-ansatte] Trade union Represents IT professionals Copenhagen

[Det faglige hus] Socalled "yellow" trade union, meaning that it differs from traditional unions by not recognizing a fundamental conflict of interest between employer and employee and by having no or very few agreements Represents all types of employees Esbjerg

Danish Veterinary Association [Den danske dyrlægeforening] Trade union Represents veterinarians Copenhagen

Danish Nurses Organization [Dansk sygeplejeråd] Trade union Represents nurses Copenhagen

HORESTA Industry association and employer association Industry organization for the hotel, restaurant and tourist industry Copenhagen

[Asfaltindustrien] Business organization and employers' organization Represents companies that manufacture and / or carry out asphalt paving or related activities Ballerup

Danish Gardeners [Danske anlægsgartnere] Business organization and employers' organization Represent's gardeners Copenhagen

Danish People’s Party [Dansk Folkeparti] Party   Copenhagen

Danish Social Liberal Party [Radikale Venstre] Party   Copenhagen

Red-Green Alliance [Enhedslisten] Party   Copenhagen

Liberal Alliance [Liberal Alliance] Party   Copenhagen

Left, Denmark's Liberal Party [Venstre, Danmarks liberale parti] Party   Copenhagen

Social Democrats [Socialdemokraterne] Party   Copenhagen

Socialist People's Party [Socialistisk Folkeparti] Party   Copenhagen

The New Right [Nye Borgerlige] Party   Copenhagen

[Roskilde Kommune, Integration] Municipality, Integration Unit Migrant integration Roskilde

[Helsingør Kommune, Team Integration] Municipality, Integration Unit Migrant integration Helsingør

[Århus Kommune, Center for integration] Municipality, Integration Unit Migrant integration Århus