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Labour market integration in Switzerland: Policy Barriers and Enablers

The Swiss report identifies and critically analyses the policy factors that facilitate or hinder the access and integration of post-2014 migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers (MRAA) into the domes

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Czech Republic

Labour market integration in the Czech Republic: Policy Barriers and Enablers

“At present, the immigration process and the time required to get work permits and long-term residence permits are much longer than the corporate sector needs.

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WP3 - Report

SIRIUS Project - Findings: Policy barriers and enablers

Today we are happy to publish our WP3 SIRIUS Report.

WP3 - Policy Barriers and Enablers

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Scottish Government's report on UK immigration policy after leaving the EU

The Scottish Government Expert Advisory Group on Migration and Population, led by Professor Christina Bowell, have published a report which sets out evidence and analysis for Scotland of the implic

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Switzerland - Legal Barriers and Enablers

Switzerland is widely recognised as a country of immigration; historically, immigration has played an important role in the Swiss economy.

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WP Reports

SIRIUS Project - Findings: Labour Market and Legal barriers and enablers

Today we are happy to publish our WP1 and WP2 SIRIUS reports and policy brief. 

WP1 - Labour Market Barriers and Enablers

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Two reports about integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers

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CBI report

The Confederation of British Industry Report - Open and Controlled, a New Approach to Migration

The Confederation of British Industry has recently launched the results of a major consultation with businesses (of all sizes, sector and parts of the UK) and leading trade associations concerning

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