Ginevra Cerrina Ferroni

Professor Ginevra Cerrina Ferroni

Professor Ginevra Cerrina Ferroni is full-time Professor of Italian and Comparative Constitutional Law at the 'Cesare Alfieri' School of Political Science, University of Florence, where she teaches “Comparative Constitutional and European Law” and “Constitutional Courts and Fundamental Rights Multilevel Protection”.  She also teaches “Public Law” at the Bocconi University of Milan. She obtained her PHD in “Constitutional Justice and Protection of Fundamental Rights” at the University of Pisa, Faculty of Law. She is member of the Executive Board of the Italian Association of Constitutionalists and Vice-President of the 'Alberto Predieri' Cesifin Foundation - Centre for the Study of Financial Institutions ( From 2008 to 2015 she has been Vice-President of the Italian Association of Comparative and European Public Law. She is also Scientific Coordinator of the Review of the Italian Constitutionalists, Member of the Executive Board of Review of Comparative and European Public (published by Il Mulino), Member of  Executive Board of the Constitutional Paths Review (published by Jovene). She has so far carried out comparative researches on: multiculturalism; cultural heritage; sustainable development; administrative justice; forms of government. As a local coordinator, she won the following national research projects: State Structure, Devolution of Powers and Constitutional Changes: from the British Devolution to the Regionalisation Processes in Italy and some European Unitary States” (2005); “Levels of Government and Multicultural Integration in the European Experience: from Institutions to Rights” (2007); “Renewable Energy Sources: Local, National and European Policies in the Light of the Ongoing Technological Development” (2009). Among her most recent publications: G. Cerrina Feroni, “Diritto costituzionale e società multiculturale”, in Rivista Associazione italiana dei costituzionalisti, n. 1/2017; “Società multiculturali e percorsi di integrazione”, co-edited with V. Federico, Florence University Press 2017;  “Environment, Energy, Food. Comparative Legal Models for sustainable development”, I, II, co-edited with T. Frosini, L. Mezzetti, P. Petrillo, 2016; “Le Regioni dalla Costituente al nuovo Senato della Repubblica”, co-edited with G. Tarli Barbieri, 2016.