Welcoming Poetry, solidarity with Riace


On November 4th at 4pm CET, all people, private organisations and public institutions are invited to participate in an initiative to show their solidarity with the people of Riace, who has successfully welcomed refugees into their community. To show this solidarity, all participating in this action, will in unison, around the world, read the poem "Lay Prayer" by Erri de Luca at the same time. The procedure is like follows: 

  1. First part: reading of Erri De Luca’s poetry in Italian or other languages (we have it in the Italian original version and translated into Spanish; you can contribute with a translation in your own language).
  2. Second part: reading of one or more other poems with or without musical accompaniement.
  3. Join by November 3rd at 12 am by communicating to solidaritypoetry@gmail.com your name and/or organization, FB page, and approximative number of persons involved.
  4. Choose a suitable place (outside or indoor) and self-organize to document the collective reading of poetry (via video, photo or streaming on Facebook or YouTube)
  5. The initiative “Welcoming Poetry” starts on Sunday, November 4th at 4 pm: a) Open the event by announcing the name of the author: Erri De Luca with his poem “Lay prayer” and you read the poem, (one or more readers, as you wish) b) Announce the name of the second author and you read her/his poem, and so on…
  6. Document the reading (via video, photo or streaming on Facebook or YouTube) and you post it on the web page “Riace Patrimonio dell’Umanità” and on your web page(s). All names of readers, participants and organizations should be mentioned.

See PDF attached below for more information about the event.