#We Are Scotland


The Scottish Government has launched today the We are Scotland campaign that aims to raise awareness of the vital role which migration plays in Scotland. The key messages of the campaign are:

  • Scotland is diverse and inclusive to those who choose to live and work here
  • Embracing different cultures and people in Scotland is part of the national identity
  • No matter where people come from they have a valuable contribution to make Scotland

 If you want to know more about the campaign visit this link and share the campaign with the hashtag  #WeAreScotland

To watch the video of the campaign, visit here.


"Scotland is not for standing still, it's for standing up.

Standing Up for those who'd call this land their home.

Standing up for those we're proud to call our own.

And yeah, there'll be bumps along the road.

But now is not the time for cowerin'.

Now is Scotland's time for powerin'.

Coz in Scotland there's no V.

There's just you, me and we.

And we are Scotland".