We are looking for game developers

Serious game

The SIRIUS Project would like to invite qualified and experienced production companies and independent game developers who can offer their services to produce a serious game. The game would aid the labour market integration of migrant and refugee women and men.

The serious game will be free of charge and easy to use in individual or collective training sessions organised by employment agencies, migrant organisations and other stakeholders seeking to facilitate the labour market inclusion of recent migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

The main aim of the SIRIUS game would be to help the migrant/asylum seeker/refugee seek and find employment. The game will in particular help the migrants/asylum seekers prepare a CV, a letter of motivation, conduct an interview with a prospective employer. The game will have various stages and completion of each stage will bring the player to a higher level.

For more details about the call, budget, proposal details and criteria of evaluation, see attached PDF.

Deadline for submission: 30 June 2018