Syrian refugee children: book launch and research seminar

Syrian Refugee Children in the Middle East and Europe

Michelle Pace and Somdeep Sen will launch their book "Syrian refugee children in the Middle East and Europe" at the University of Cophenagen. The event will be held the 24th April from 15 to 18 at the University of Copenhagen, Ethnographic Exploratorium CSS, room 4.1.12., Øster Farimagsgade 5, 1353 Copenhagen K.

The book zooms in on young Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Denmark and the Netherlands and focuses on themes such as the agency of young Syrian refugees, their potential future, while at the same time portraying the violence, fear, uncertainty and loss which they suffer, as well as the possibilities for safeguarding their future and their well-being.

The book brings together scholars and practitioners in a common search to improve the situation of young Syrian refugees. The seminar is arranged in cooperation between the Migration and Social Mobility Research Group, Department of Anthropology, UCPH and the  Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University. Discussants of the book will be Trine Brinkmann and Lotte Buch Segal, members of the Migration and Social Mobility Research Group. The audience will have the opportunity to pose questions and make comments while at the end opportinuties of networking will be welcomed.

For more information about the book please visit here.