"Staging a State" a performance on decolonization organized in Roskilde, 10-12 December

Staging a State

As part of the Micro Festival which will be held in Roskilde, Denmark, between 10-12 December,  “Staging a State” by the choreographer Georgia Kapodistria is a piece which has been inspired also by the book entitled The Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank: The Theatrics of Woeful Statecraft (2019) written by Sirius team leader for Denmark, Michelle Pace, and former Sirius team member Somdeep Sen.

The development of the work "Staging a State" revolves around concepts of decolonisation, statecraft, the unfolding of identity in time and space, performativity and perspective. It is less about what is being said and thought of, as of which perspective and power position it is being said and thought from. The clearing, blurring and blinding decolonial process of finding and changing perspectives is mirrored in the stage universe we work with. "Staging a State" wishes to address the unifying trauma of decolonisation through staging of personal and individual experiences and stories, connected to the concept.

CONCEPT & CHOREOGRAPHY Georgia Kapodistria

RESEARCH & PERFORMANCE Denise Lim, Jon Hoff, Louise Paolo de Venecia Gile, Thjerza Balaj



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