Solidarity in Europe: Citizens' Responses in Times of Crisis

Solidarity in Europe

Simone Baglioni, Tom Montgomery and Olga Biosca, part of the SIRIUS team at Glasgow Caledonian University, have contributed to a new book about Solidarity in Europe which also deals with migration and refugee issues. The book is open access and edited by Maria Grasso and Christian Lahusen.

It aims to answer a number of questions on solidarity through the analysis of data from an original cross-national survey conducted within the TransSOL project ( How developed are solidarity attitudes and practices among citizens of European member states? How diffused are these orientations when comparing various target groups, among them refugees/migrants, unemployed people, and the disabled? And how strongly are citizens engaged in helping people outside their country, both within and outside Europe? Which groups in the European citizenry are the strongest supporters of European solidarity, and which segments exhibit distance from European or global solidarity?

The book is open access and you can dowload it for free here.