SIRIUS project represented at the RUC Data Talks


Professor Michelle Pace of Roskilde University has represented the SIRIUS project at a new initiative on Research Data Management.

RUC Data talks is an initiative inspired by Data Conversations at Lancaster University. The first theme focused on the subject of the sharing of data and posed a series of questions. What challenges are involved in making research data openly accessible to everyone? Does making research data available lead to new collaborations? How can sharing of research data comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? These were just some of the issues that were discussed at the event. After the presentations, there was time for questions and discussion. RUC Data Talks is an informal platform that allows you and your colleagues to discuss your approaches to data management and the challenges you face.

RUC Data Talks took place on Tuesday November 12th at the Roskilde University Library, the slides used by Prof Michelle Pace can be downloaded below.