SIRIUS Policy Dialogue Workshop, Athens


The SIRIUS consortium is organising a Policy Dialogue Workshop on the topic of ''Integration of Migrants and Refugees: A Contested Issue in Domestic and EU Politics and how to address it''. This one-day event is organized by Diktio and SolidarityNow and will be held in Athens on 9th November 2018. The workshop will bring together policy makers and civil society representatives to share experiences and visions and discuss integration strategies. Specifically, lessons learned and best practices from existing national and local policies in Europe will be shared to ensure that moving forward, they can benefit migrants, refugees and host communities.

Please note that this workshop is by invitation only (targeted audience) and confirmed participants will have to send Dominika Spyratou ( their bios and contact details.

Topics discussed includes:

  • Integration Challenges for Migrant and Refugee Women
  • Labour Market Integration of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Applicants. First results from the Sirius project
  • Panel Discussion: Migrants' and Refugees’ Integration: A Contested Issue in Greek and EU Politics
  • Opening presentations and moderated breakout sessions - Labour Market Integration in Practice. Best Practices and Lessons from Europe.