SIRIUS findings at GCU Research Day

SIRIUS findings at the Research Day

On the 31st of May, Glasgow Caledonian University is celebrating their research by hosting a day full of presentations from researchers and PhD students on their work.  Simone Baglioni, Francesca Calo and Tom Montgomery from the SIRIUS project will also be there to talk about the findings of SIRIUS research focusing upon policies which favour or not the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers into labour market.

Skills and Integration of Refugees, Migrants and Asylum Seekers into UK Labour Market - Policy Enablers and Policy Barriers in the UK.Migration and asylum have been a key political and social issue in European societies for decades. Join in the dialogue about The Sirius project and how we can approach migration and asylum not only from a ‘border management and security’ perspective, but also from an integration into the labour market one.

Simone Baglioni will provide an overview of the comparative results of policy barriers and enablers in UK, Czech Republic, Greece, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark and Italy. Francesca Caló will specifically focus upon the UK case while Tom Montgomery will speak about the narrative adopted during the so called refugee crisis.

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