Simone Baglioni urges for more cooperation and solidarity

Simone Baglioni

Professor Simone Baglioni, coordinator of SIRIUS, delivered a keynote speech at a gathering of European policy makers in Gdansk, Poland. Professor Baglioni was invited to speak about solidarity in Europe at a time when several social, economic and political challenges risk undermining the progress European peoples and countries have made since the creation of the European Union. Professor Baglioni, using evidence from the European funded project TransSOL (Transnational Solidarity at Times of Crisis), of which GCU was a partner, said that although fragile solidarity in Europe was in good shape and that citizens still believe in Europe. Professor Baglioni argued that European peoples are still ready to help each other in case of need, such as supporting their countries pooling resources to help others paying debts, or engaging by helping people such as the disabled, asylum seekers and refugees, and the unemployed. And that therefore there is a good potential to tap upon for revamping social trust and citizens’ trust in Europe.

Professor Baglioni spoke at the Baltic Sea States Subregional Cooperation network annual conference, including policy representatives from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sweden. Professor Baglioni said that macro-regional cooperation such as the Baltic Sea States one is a key-policy tool to leverage solidarity among countries and contribute creating cross-country synergies for a sustainable growth and a fairer society.

Later in this month professor Baglioni is invited to speak also at a plenary of the French Sociological Association Health and Social Care branch at the University of Brest, and at the gathering of the European association for health care managers in Bordeaux, both in France.