RESPOND - a EU Horizon 2020 Research Project


A recently granted Horizon 2020 project RESPOND is studying the multilevel governance of migration in 11 countries. The consortium behind this project consists of 14 partners from source, transit and destination countries and is coordinated by Uppsala University.

RESPOND aims to  provide an in-depth understanding of the governance of recent mass migration at macro, meso and micro levels through cross-country comparative research and to critically analyse governance practices with the aim of enhancing the migration governance capacity and policy coherence of the EU, its member states and third countries. 

At the level of inquiry, the project is focusing on three levels: macro (supranational, national), meso (subnational, local, NGOs) and micro (individual). Methodologically, the research relies on a multi-stage research design, incorporating a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods for data gathering and analysis. At analytical level, the transdisciplinary research design will be built on the findings of legal and policy analysis, comparative historical analysis, political claims analysis, socio-economic and cultural analysis, longitudinal survey analysis, interview based analysis, and photovoice techniques.

Among the dissemination activities, RESPOND will engage with policy-makers, practitioners, relevant public authorities and NGOs both at national and EU levels via the establishment of “Migration Governance Networks” (MGNs) in each country covered by the project. The MGNs will host 2 roundtable discussions aiming at contributing to wider public debates regarding the refugee crisis and its consequences with fact-based information; at establishing communication links between different actors involved in migration governance and foster coproduction of effective policy solutions.

To have more information about RESPOND, please visit their website here or follow them on Facebook.