Researching Mobilities, Pasts and Futures: Research Network Launch


The Migration and Mobility Research Network at the Edinburgh Napier University launches on the 1st of June. The launch will have speakers from academic, activist and third sector backgrounds, who will discuss key themes in relation to migration and mobility, then and now, locally and globally. 

Indicative programme:

Key Speaker: Paulina Trevena (University of Glasgow) - Attracting and retaining migrants in post-Brexit Scotland: is a social integration strategy the answer?

Panel Discussion: 'Brexit, migration and citizen rights after Brexit' with a range of academic, activist and community speakers.

Talks and discussion from Edinburgh Napier Researchers, including:

Paul Lynch (Critical Hospitality and Tourism, Business School)

Mirona Gheorgiu (Psychology, School of Applied Sciences)

Richard Whitecross (Law, Business School)

Gesthimani Moysidou (Critical Hospitality and Tourism, Business School)

Damian Stantchev (Schol of Engineering and the Built Envionrment)

Kiril Sharapov (Social Sciences, School of Applied Sciences)

Kate Botterill (Social Sciences, School of Applied Sciences)


A light lunch and refreshments will be provided free of charge to all registered delegates.


For more information, and to register for the launch, please see link.