Publication of the special issue “Economy in times of covid-19” in Labor Economics papers.

Covid-19 and workers

We are pleased to present the special issue “Economy in times of covid-19" edited by Renata Livraghi and Azio Barani in Labor Economics papers.

This collective work has the main objective of contributing to take some steps forward in the analysis of the problems at an economic and social level, opened by the COVID-19 pandemic and in the outline of some possible lines of intervention by the economic policy. The published essays offered the opportunity to place the reading focus on three different perspectives that turned out to be preciously complementary and which outline the three parts in which the volume was organized: the first more oriented to highlighting the evidence of the context and the analysis of reality, a second dedicated to deepening the processes of change and formulation of new planning required by the context and a third, open to the contribution to reflection on the phenomenon offered by philosophical anthropology and history.

In this context, it is inserted the contribution "COVID-19 and labor migration: investigating vulnerability in Italy and in the UK" by S. Baglioni, F. Calò and M. Lo Cascio.

The article presents a first analysis of how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the positions on the labor market of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Italy and UK. The research work was based on the results of the European project SIRIUS ("Skills and integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in European labor markets"), as well as on the literature highlighting how the roles of migrants in labor markets European jobs are characterized by a high level of vulnerability.