Press Release: SolidarityNow actively supports access to the labour market

Press Release

Yesterday, SolidarityNow, SIRIUS partner, published a press release, providing results of their activities which favour access to labour market integration.

The organization has supported more than 2,300 unemployed people to connect with the labor market and has managed to find a job - either permanent or temporary- to more than 380 people. This has been achieved through the SolidarityNow Centers in Athens and Thessaloniki and the specialized Employability Services provided by the organization.

The organization itself is an example of a diverse working environment that fights unemployment by providing equal work opportunities to everybody regardless of origin or other criteria, supporting thus social integration. Today, SolidarityNow, in its programs and structures across Greece, employs more than 300 people - 61 of them come from different countries of the world.

If you want to know more about SolidarityNow activities, please download the press release attached or visit their website here.