Politicization of Solidarity Toward Out-Groups: The Case of Refugees


Nicola Maggini from the University of Florence and Eva Fernándes from the University of Geneva, both part of the SIRIUS consortium, has recently published a study on solidarity towards people outside of your (national) community, for example, refugees, and people inside your community, for example, the disabled and elderly. The study took into consideration individuals’ political orientations and their social dispositions based on the ranking preferences of solidarity beneficiaries. Using multivariate regression analysis, they found that respondents’ ranking preferences have a lower impact on solidarity practices toward refugees, which are strongly fostered by progressive political orientations. This means that support for refugees relies on a universalistic conception of solidarity and entails a political commitment to both leftist positions on economic issues and to libertarian stances on cultural issues. 

To read the full abstract, and to get access to the article, please see link.