Policy Workshop: Social Partners’ Response to the Integration of Migrants and Refugees in the Labour Market

Social Partners’ Response to the Integration of Migrants and Refugees in the Labour Market

Our project partner, SOLIDAR is organising a policy workshop on 28 May from 2 to 4pm (CET) , animated by the SIRIUS project research, on the role of social partners in enabling or preventing migrants and refugees to join the labour market, to facilitate synergies among social partners, civil society and policymakers on establishing which initiatives would serve best the needs of migrants and refugees. 

Skilled migrants, refugees and asylum seekers (MRAs) have the potential to benefit Europe tremendously if given the opportunity to activate their skills. Normalising the idea that migrants and refugees are a burden reflects the misguided way in which public authorities and populations across Europe treat a group of people, whose chance at a better life is put at risk. It is a question of humanity and universal rights to allow individuals to fulfil their goals and participate in society in a meaningful way. 

As the Covid-19 virus impacts populations worldwide, it is a moment to realise that though the pandemic does not discriminate there is a wide inequality gap in terms of the defences that people have at hand. In such moments, the most vulnerable in society, stranded at the borders, in asylum centres or in precarious situations need to be assisted. The situation is becoming critical for the moment when lockdown restrictions will be eased and there is the risk that some of the most vulnerable in society, migrant workers, would have to bear the brunt of the recession. This has to be prevented, as when the reconstruction begins, MRAs wish to contribute to and participate in society.  

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