Online Consultation

Online Consultation

An online consultation organised by ReSOMA (Research Social Platform on Migration and Asylum) aims to discuss with national stakeholders, practitioners, policy actors and researchers the following three topics:

Topic 1: Needs for better support.

- What are the critical factors to be addressed to facilitate local interactions newcomers and citizens?

- What do local and national actors need to ensure the sustainability of these activities?

Topic 2: Policy actions to ensure that needs are addressed.

- What are the measures that have been implemented to fulfil these needs in your national/local context?

- What other possible measures could be implemented to fulfil these needs?

- Which are the most important measures to ensure more EU support? 

Topic 3: The role of the EU and other actors

- What role could the EU play in fostering good practices and empowering local and national stakeholders for comprehensive integration?

- Who are the other key institutions and actors that are or should be involved in comprehensive approach to integration? How can they help ensure the successful implementation of this approach?

The platform invites all experts to share their views, experiences and examples on programmes contributing to comprehensive integration in your country of work/residence.

To know more about the consultation and participate please visit here