Nicola Maggini discusses solidarity initiatives in favour of refugees

Solidarity towards refugees

Yesterday SIRIUS Consortium member Nicola Maggini from University of Florence published an article on EUVisions Observatory analysing solidarity initiatives in favour of refugees and the characteristics of the people involved in such initiatives.

The research examines cross-country evidence on individual perceptions and behaviours towards refugees, in order to outline the profiles of European citizens engaged in solidarity practices in favour of this vulnerable group. Findings rely on results from original survey data (N=16,000) collected from eight European countries(Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, UK) for the TransSOL project

Nicola concludes that "solidarity towards refugees is a contested issue that differentiates people of different political orientations related to both the (traditional) economic left-right divide and the cultural divide on libertarian vs authoritarian values". He also states that data shows that refugees are supported more by middle and upper-class people with a high level of education, compared to working class people with a lower level of education. Thus he outlines that the challenge for policy-makers is to adopt effective and inclusive welfare policies that enable pro-refugees attitudes and behaviours to spread, also among the lower social strata, who are concerned about competition over scarce resources and attached to a social model more strictly defined in terms of traditional nation-state.

To know more about Nicola research and results please visit here.