New Working Paper: Shifts in the size of the labour force of European countries

SIRIUS - working paper

The SIRIUS project today publishes its latest Working Paper, authored by Professor Christos Bagavos of Panteion University. The paper highlights the importance of migration for labour force trends in selected European countries by placing migration in a comparative framework. It explores the separate contribution of specific groups selected on the basis of age, sex, migration status (migrants compared to non-migrants) and migrant’s origin (EU nationals compares with Non-EU nationals) to changes over time in the total labour force. The paper points out that, recent changes in the size of the labour force of the European countries forming the focus of the study are largely due to immigration; either because immigration accelerates labour force growth or leads to increasing trends in the overall labour force in a context of a shrinking number of native active persons. The paper also highlights that the rising importance of migration for labour supply in Europe would require further implementation of policies that support migrant integration into European labour markets.

You can read the Working Paper by following this link: Working Paper 2