Moira Fires: an Urgent Call to Action from Civil Society Organisations across Europe.


After the catastrophic fire in Moria which left thousands of refugees homeless and unprotected, the relocation of people to safety is now more urgent than ever.  SolidarityNow, together with other organisations, calls on the governments of EU Member States, to urgently relocate displaced individuals from Greece to their territory. The recent relocation of unaccompanied children from the Greekisland hotspots to other countries shows that there where there is a will there is a way.

From the statement, of several organisations, Urgent Call to Action from Civil Society Organisations across Europe MORIA FIRES: European Governments must urgently relocate displaced individuals from Greece, we can read:

"While we are shocked and saddened at these developments, they come as no surprise. Lesvos and the other EU Hotspots on the Aegean islands have reached breaking point long ago. Moria camp is currently hosting roughly 12-13,000 displaced individuals, with an official capacity of only 2,800. These severely overcrowded camps are characterised by squalid living conditions and a severe lack of adequate sanitation or hygiene facilities, even amid the heightened health risks due to Covid-19.vii The situation in the other Greek Hotspots is similarly untenable and repeated warnings have remained unanswered for over four years. The latest events prove once again the failure of the Hotspots as the default EU migration management approach. We call on the European Parliament to investigate the role that the EU and Member States played in the failed management of Moria. Moreover, we urge the European Commission, the German EU Council Presidency and Member States to treat the horrifying images of Moria burning as unequivocal proof of the tragic human cost of an EU asylum and migration system based on containment and deterrence policies. We strongly recommend the European Commission to take these events into account with a view to the New Pact on Migration and Asylum, and ensure the same policies do not inform the extremely concerning proposals for ‘processing centres’ at EU borders. It is vital that the New Pact is taken as an opportunity to present a new start rather than a replication of past errors".