Migrants, in the shantytown of Trapani people die killed by flames

seasonal workers in Sicily


On September 29, a fire destroyed the shantytown of the former "Calcestruzzi Selinunte" located between Campobello di Mazara and Castelvetrano in Sicily, the most important district of table olive production.

Here, for three years, over a thousand seasonal workers involved in the olive harvest gathered and self-managed in the indifference of the institutions. One of them died charred, wrapped in flames caused, as far as we know, by an accident.

Meanwhile, among the survivors anger is great because what happened was a tragedy not only announced, but that goes to add to another already happened in 2013.

"I am angry and really tired. Today one of our brothers died in a way that I do not wish anyone," vented Sek Masseck, Senegalese activist of the house of mutual aid of laborers and Fuori Mercato. Sek has been in Italy for seven years and for six he has come every year to work in the olive groves of Trapani, a hard job that takes place in autumn and can last over a month.


Below is the link to the website fuori mercato that has launched a fundraiser to support organized migrants seasonal workers who claim their rights: