Migrants in a Global Economy: Call for Contributions!

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

The journal Gender and Development are focusing on Migrants in a Global Economy in their March 2019 issue. Migration is at the top of the development agenda, not least because of the increasing numbers of people who are undertaking the very risky journey to seek refuge and better lives in richer parts of the world, but also because migration is a gender issue.

Some ideas for articles they would like to publish in the issue include:

  1. Learning and challenges for advocacy/campaigns/development work supporting migrant rights in 2018’s challenging political environment
  2. Migrant women’s self-organisation and the challenges facing activists: experiences
  3. Migrant women, citizenship, and legal rights – challenges and experiences
  4. Migrant-local co-operation: the challenges of working across these ‘borders’ in ways that recognise common issues – case studies of successful approaches
  5. Training and education for migrant women
  6. Violence and protection of migrant women
  7. Child care, migrant women and transnational families: studies of women’s experiences
  8. Migrant remittances and local economic activity

If you are a development worker, feminist activist, or researcher with experience to share, and you would like to contribute, please send your idea to csweetman@oxfam.org.uk. The closing date for ideas to reach us is the 17th of June 2018. Read the full Call for Contributions sharing more of our thinking for the issue here. Find out general information about writing for the journal here.