Integrating Cities Conference Viii – Cities4people: Migrating Ideas, Inspiring Integration


Between 7 and 8 November, the conference of Integrating Cities Conference Viii – Cities4people: Migrating Ideas, Inspiring Integration will be hosted by the City of Milan. 

The Conference is part of a series of policy events underpinning the EUROCITIES Integrating Cities Charter process which started in 2010. EUROCITIES actively engages with the European Commission in establishing a strong policy dialogue to enable the city level, so important in developing local integration strategies for migrants, to feed into the European level. The Integrating Cities conference series serves as a platform for this dialogue where key European, national and local-level experts and decision-makers in policy areas that are crucial for the integration of migrants in European cities can meet. The importance of involving cities in the development of the European agenda for integration cannot be overstated and the conferences are an excellent opportunity to highlight this fact.

This year the conference is organised in the frame of the “CITIES GROW – Cities integrating refugees and migrants through economic activity” project co-funded by the European Commission’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. The event will offer various opportunities for dialogue between local politicians and senior officials from Europe’s major cities, representatives from EU institutions, international and non-governmental organisations, academics, refugee and migrant communities. Cities will share their best practices in integrating third-country nationals and discuss local and European-level perspectives for the future of integration.

To read more, and to register for the conference, please see their website.