Here two videos on migrants’ stories supported by SIRIUS Project partner, SolidarityNow!

SolidarityNow actions

The following videos tell the stories of migrants, refugees but also long-term unemployed Greek citizens who were supported by SIRIUS Project partner, SolidarityNow, in finding employment, but most importantly in empowering them to integrate in the Greek society as a whole, by providing a network on which they could rely. Their testimonies are followed by a video detailing the first Job Fair organised by SolidarityNow in Thessaloniki, in the framework of the SIRIUS project. This opened up a way for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to discuss with representatives of organisations on labour issues, ensuring that their voice is heard in the effort of achieving equal access to the labour market and equal opportunities.




Here the link of the priority action toolkits where you can find these videos and other Sirius products: