Here the Sirius video on MRAs' integration in Italy!

Sirius video on MRAs' integration in Italy!

In Italy, the reception system for MRAs used to be based on three phases of assistance. Following legal and policy shifts in 2017-2018, the system was reformed to make a clear distinction between asylum-seekers and refugees. The former were left out of the second-tier integration support which became exclusive to refugees and unaccompanied minors. Concurrently, the funding and missions of the first tier reception centers shrank dramatically, jeopardizing asylum-seekers’ perspectives of successful integration.

Based on the SIRIUS research on MRAs' integration in Italy, the University of Florence analyzes the changing legal and policy environment over the past years and presents the SPRAR/SIPROIMI projects making up the second-tier system. Find out below how cooperation between different stakeholders emerged as one of the best practices to promote general and employment integration support.

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