The GREASE Films

The GREASE Films

Today the GREASE research consortium has launched two films:

  • Religion and Society – How Faith Fits in Around the World
  • Countering Religious Extremism – Pathways to Peace

Shot in seven countries on four continents, these documentaries open windows on the complex topics of religious diversity governance and preventing religiously oriented radicalisation.

Religion and Society illustrates the multifaceted role religion plays in defining  personal identity and mediating one’s relationship with the state. It shows religion to be a potent identity marker and a powerful (though by no means exclusive) source of ethical orientation. Through a series of personal narratives we come to see how significantly a country’s approach to religious diversity can affect one’s sense of belonging as a citizen.

Countering Religious Extremism introduces viewers to six programmes that are working to prevent religiously inspired violent radicalisation around the world. This film addresses the danger of ideological exploitation of religion and the need to support communities in building resilience.  

To have a look at the movies and know more about GREASE, please visit here