GRAMNet Annual Lecture

University of Glasgow

GRAMNet, the Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network are having their annual lecture on the topic 'Reflections on the Framing of and Responses to the Refugee "Crisis" in Europe'

This lecture looks at the notion of ‘crisis’ in refugee studies, in particular examining the events of 2015 as framed in Europe as ‘the refugee crisis’.  While that framing is open to challenge empirically, politically and ethically, it has nonetheless been resonant and powerful.  The lecture is prompted by the question:  Why do some ‘crises’ generate significant change, while others seem to paralyse? 

Speaking at the event is Cathryn Costello, a Andrew W Mellon Associate Professor in International Human Rights and Refugee Law, at the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford. Her research spans international and EU migration and asylum law, including its interactions with labour law.  Her recent writings includes ‘Citizenship & Refugeehood’ Chapter 32 in Rainer Bauböck, Irene Bloemraad and Maarten Vink (eds) Oxford Handbook of Citizenship (OUP 2017) and (with Michelle Foster) ‘Non-refoulement as custom and jus cogens? Putting the prohibition to the test’ (2015) Netherlands Yearbook of International Law.

The event is on Friday 16th November, 5.00 - 6.00pm in the Yudowitz Lecture Theatre, Wolfson Medical School Building, University Avenue, University of Glasgow.

For more information, and how to sign up for the event, please see their website