Denmark's immigrants forced out by government policies


We relaunch an article published on the Chatham House website  by  Michelle Pace, professor at Roskilde, on the relocating of asylum seekers out of Europe as the latest extreme measure from Denmark’s Social Democrats to outflank the political right.

Here is an excerpt from the article that we invite you to read on the link below:

“A new law enabling Denmark to deport asylum seekers outside Europe while applications are being processed is the latest a series of extraordinary and extreme measures targeting immigrants from a government going far beyond those taken by other European countries and European Union (EU).

Under the new law, proposed by Social Democratic prime minister Mette Frederiksen and comfortably passed by Denmark’s parliament the Folketing in a vote of 70 to 24, asylum seekers would be flown to a faraway third country regardless of where they are from – with one option appearing to be Rwanda which signed a diplomatic agreement in March with Denmark leading to speculation it intends to open an asylum processing facility there.

It remains unclear how any external ‘reception centre’ could be administered, and notably whether it would be under Danish or the third country’s jurisdiction. But either way, Denmark still has a legal responsibility to ensure the rights of people transferred to such a camp are protected, not violated”.