Conference, Unpacking The Challenges And Possibilities For Migration Governance


RESPOND, another Horizon2020 funded project, is organising a conference on the topic of 'Unpacking The Challenges And Possibilities For Migration Governance' at the University of Cambridge 17-19 October 2019. The conference focuses on the five thematic fields RESPOND is studying: (1) Border management and security, (2) Refugee protection regimes, (3) Reception policies, (4) Integration policies, and (5) Conflicting Europeanization and externalisation. These themes are chosen because of their centrality for understanding migration policies, impacts and responses.

The conference is structured along eight panels: 

Panel I: Governing Through Uncertainty?
Panel II: Who Is Shaping Border Management In The Eu, And How?
Panel III: Governance Of International Refugee Protection: Challenges In Europe And Beyond
Panel IV: ‘Welcoming Culture’ In Europe And Beyond
Panel V: What’s Working And What’s Not: Integration On The Labour Market, In Education And Housing From A Socio Spatial Perspective
Panel VI: Analysing Gender And Vulnerability In Integration Policy Arenas
Panel VII: Analysing Migrants’ Public Mental Health: Citizenship, Resilience, And The Role Of Religion
Panel VIII: Conflicting Europeanisation

Scholars from various disciplines are invited to submit abstracts that make an original theoretical and/or empirical contribution and fit into one of the panels listed above. However, the papers need not be strictly limited to these topics. We also welcome papers or different panel suggestions such as on ethics and methodology in migration studies.

For more information about the conference, the call for papers, and to register for the conference, please see their website.