The Confederation of British Industry Report - Open and Controlled, a New Approach to Migration

CBI report

The Confederation of British Industry has recently launched the results of a major consultation with businesses (of all sizes, sector and parts of the UK) and leading trade associations concerning the future UK immigration approach after Brexit.

The findings of the research helped to develop a set of recommendations for a reformed immigration system that CBI hopes to be both open and controlled.

The results of the report highlights that immigration is valuable to all sectors of the UK economy while it also delivers significant economic benefit. Among several recommendations, the Confederation of British Industry identified the importance to drop the net migration target, to simplify the process for obtaining a visa and becoming a licensed sponsor, to preserve easy mobility of staff in the relationship with the EU and to replace free movement with a new open and controlled immigration system for EU citizens.

To read all recommendations please visit here.

The full consultation is available here.