Between Reception, Legal Stay and Integration in a Changing Migration Landscape in Greece. A new chapter of the Sirius book

Sirius book

Please find below the abstract of the chapter “Between Reception, Legal Stay and Integration in a Changing Migration Landscape in Greece” of the Sirius book “Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers’ Integration in European Labour Markets. A Comparative Approach on Legal Barriers and Enablers” edited by Veronica Federico and Simone Baglioni. The chapter is written by Christos Bagavos, Nikos Kourachanis,  Konstantina Lagoudakou and Katerina Xatzigiannakou.


Significant transformations in the migratory landscape of Greece have been observed recently. In practice, the mixed flows of migrants and refugees have modified the role of Greece as a migrant-receiving country. Immigration, in terms of either transit or settled immigrants, has become a major policy issue; additionally, it has mobilized national authorities, international bodies as well as formal and informal civil society organizations. Changes in the immigration landscape, along with adverse economic conditions, has led to further efforts by public authorities in the effective management of refugee flows and reducing the risks of irregular stay for a significant number of migrants. Despite significant developments in the legislative framework for the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers (MRAs) into the labor market, their access to employment remains more of a secondary issue for policy actors.


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